The Troops to Teachers graduate and non-graduate programmes launched

The government today launched Troops to Teachers – a new scheme designed to make it easier for highly-skilled former members of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force to become teachers.troops

Troops to Teachers will provide teacher training opportunities to service leavers – with significant extra benefits including salaries while training, bursaries and bespoke training.

There will be 2 routes:

  • From September, service leavers with degrees will be able to enrol on teacher training programmes with additional bespoke training and £2,000 bursary uplifts.
  • From January 2014, highly-skilled service leavers without degrees will be able to enrol on a 2-year, school-based, salaried training programme. These service leavers will be the only people able to start training as a teacher without a degree and be qualified within 2 years.

Those accepted on to courses will have gone through a rigorous selection process which will assess their skills, experience, technical or subject expertise and qualifications.

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