BFPO Track and Trace app

Have you ever wondered where your letter or parcel was? The BFPO Track & Trace Smartphone Application could provide the answer.

BFPOAt BFPO London mail is automatically sorted using a market leading sortation device and six-sided camera boasting the latest OCR software. At each forces Post Office, mail items are also scanned on portable hand-scanners and an audit trail is captured on theBFPO’s IT system, PACER 2. Through the development of a Smartphone Application, we can now exploit this functionality to allow individuals to track and trace their own letters and parcels. By entering or scanning a tracking product’s barcode into the BFPO Track & Trace app, it will list and display the route that the item will take, its actual location and it will also show the expected delivery times at each point along the mail pipeline. The app also supports push notifications so you will receive up to date information of where your item is and its expected delivery date.

The BFPO Track & Trace app compliments the recently released BFPO Information app, which allows customers to access up to date information on the most popular range of products and services that the BFPO provides. This app contains a handy postage calculator, advice on permitted items and also lists the latest posting deadlines for key dates. The most recent version of this app also allows you to create a label and barcode, which can be used to track mail items posted from within the UK using the BFPO Track & Trace app. Use of these pre-printed labels also alleviates errors in sorting as they are much easier to read.

Available for download now!

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