Campaign for the National Defence Medal

earleI am a Former Royal Marines Commando and I was a National Serviceman from 1958 to 1960; thereafter joining the Cheshire Constabulary for the next 30 years.

On retirement I worked for Littlewoods Pools on the Investigation Branch. I was responsible for paying out the `Big Winners` I fully retired in 1998.

I am deeply committed to the Campaign for the National Defence Medal for our past and present `Forgotten Heroes`

Between 1947 -1961 2.5 million young men between the ages of 18 and 26 years were compelled to do 2 years National Service, with 6,000 being called up every fortnight.

Many were killed during their service and did not return to their families and the jobs they had left behind.

These men are now in the 70s -80s and older and are our forgotten heroes.

I have now commenced a petition as follows:

“It is totally unfair that the British Government and the British Crown has awarded the National Defence Medal to the Australian and New Zealand military and ignored the British Military. The recent medal survey conducted by Sir John Holmes was in favour of the medal award to all past and present British Military and yet the Government have failed to act. They have acknowledged and issued medals to Bomber Command and the North Atlantic veterans. Where is the British justice that does not recognise those past and present military personnel that wore the Kings/Queens uniform with pride and were prepare to die for our freedoms. I ask the Government to act NOW and treat the British exactly the same as the Australians and New Zealanders by awarding the National Defence Medal to the British Military past and present”

Please take a couple of minutes to sign the petition You can also follow me on Twitter @Glanadda

Thank you.


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