Half Term Activities at the Royal Engineers Museum

Tuesday 28th – Friday 31st May

Museum Detectives

Join us this half term as we uncover some of the mysteries behind the closed doors of the museum,  in the ‘Eighth Corridor: Stores Unrestricted’ exhibition. Find out about the jobs that museum curators do to keep objects looking their best. Then drop in to one of our FREE* family friendly sessions linked to the exhibition.
Times: 10.30am -3.30pm Tuesday 28th – Friday 31st May

*Normal Admission prices apply. Ticket Valid for 12 months on gift aided

Rusty Swordslogo_re_museum

Tuesday 28th May

Watch live science experiment demonstrating why museums need to make sure that their objects stay at the right humidity. See metals corrode in front of your eyes and help log the reactions taking place. Be inspired by the experiment to create a rust free sword fit for any museum display.

Top Secret Box

Wednesday 29th May

Find out how museum curators care for the artefacts in the museum collection, watch the curators open boxes containing mystery objects. Construct and decorate your own museum styled box to place your top-secrets in.

Sun Light Fading

Thursday 30th May

Join us for a series of scientific experiments to find out how museum objects react to light and cause them to change colour. Create a lasting sun print card to remind you of how sunlight can damage objects even your favourite things at home.

Museum Masterpiece

Friday 31st May

Inspired by the museum’s collections and the mysterious, lost and hidden objects that are being discovered and displayed during the museums audit. Create your own museum masterpieces on canvas complete with a historic vintage frame.

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