Getting Rid of Rubbish? Know YOUR Responsibilities

MOD Police CrestRecently, we published an article in relation to fly-tipping and the law.

Did you know that:

If you have waste you have a legal ‘Duty of Care’. The Duty of Care applies to everyone involved in handling the waste:

  • from the person who produces it
  • to the person who finally disposes of or recovers it

If you are giving your waste to someone else to dispose of, e.g. you are hiring a skip:

There are some simple rules to follow including keeping your waste secure so it doesn’t leak or blow away and if you give your waste to someone else (like a waste contractor) it is your duty to make sure that you:

  • Check the person can take it – ask them to produce evidence that they are authorised to carry waste. If they can’t do this do not give them your waste – contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506.
  • Ensure the waste goes to a proper site – licensed or exempt.
  • Give the person a transfer note – this must include a description of the waste and be signed by both of you. Keep copies of your transfer notes for a minimum of two years.
  • Ensure that from 28 September 2011 a declaration is signed on the transfer note to indicate that the waste management hierarchy of options has been applied.
  • For further information and advice from the Environment Agency click here

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