Army Wife “Living half a life…”

Living half a life after losing the love of my life to Afghan..will keep my ‘chin up n chest out’ to make the best of a bad situation!

The Twitter Bio of Lisa McKinlay. (@Lisa_McKinlay)

Surely faced with such a loss nobody knows how they will ever cope, but Lisa, with her positive attitude, amazing courage and selfless determination is “walking” her way through and at the same time raising much needed awareness and funds.

UTlogoLisa says, “I fund-raise for The Undentable Trust who support wounded soldiers and families of the fallen. They support the Rifles: Care for Casualties (Jon was in the Rifles), FAB : Family activity breaks (they provide activity holidays for UK military bereaved families), Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes… All of these I feel are relevant to myself and I love that the charity is multi-faceted.

Last October I did the Sahara Challenge, 100 miles in 5 days.. An amazing experience to say the least and definitely challenging!!”

Newspaper article before and after

In March this year, Lisa will be doing the Inca Trail (climbing Macchu Pichu) for The Undentable Trust, then in October will be climbing Kilimanjaro.

Lisa & Jon“It’s been nearly 16 months since Jon didn’t return home, it still feels
like last week, actually it still hasn’t sunk in?! So I will keep
walking and see what happens!!

Basically a challenge 6 monthly at the moment, it’s keeping me focused
though which I’m grateful for..”

Lisa says that Twitter has been a “Revelation”, but that fund-raising is becoming increasingly difficult.

As this article is being published, Lisa has 2094 followers on Twitter. She needs more!

Please follow and support Lisa; you’ll get to know her famous hashtag #chinupchestout


And if you’re not a Tweeter, don’t worry; you can find Lisa on Facebook too!


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