tplbs2013_logoOnce again the Royal Navy will be present at the London Boat Show in ExCeL London from 12th -20th January 2013.

On display will be Offshore Raiding Craft (ORCs) currently in service with the Royal Marines. ORCs are fast and versatile craft which fulfill two main roles. In its primary configuration, the ORC has seating for 8 passengers and is capable of delivering them over the horizon from ship to shore. In this configuration, support is provided by a forward gun mount which can take a single or twin GeneralORC Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG).

In its second role, the ORC can be converted into a Fire Support Platform (FSP) by removing the troop seating and fitting an aluminium module which provides enhanced ballistic protection. Furthermore, an additional two weapon mountings can be fitted, each housing either a single
ORC2GPMG or .50 Cal machine gun. Extra framework gives enhanced ballistic protection to the forward gun position.The ORC can be transported and launched by trailer, under-slung
from a helicopter and has tie down points for securing it to the deck of a ship or hold of an aircraft. The boat can be launched from a mother ship whilst underway, further enhancing its flexibility.

More about the show and ticket information


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