Another Working Day, But Christmas Presents for Troops in Afghanistan

CHRISTMAS IN HELMANDLast-minute festive cheer was provided by the Post and Courier Squadron as tonnes of mail arrived at a number of forward locations, delivered by Chinook helicopter.

Bringing last minute festive cheer on Christmas morning, 78 sacks of post (1 tonne) arrived by helicopter in Main Operating Base (MOB) Lashkar Gah – home to the 4th Mechanized Brigade (‘Black Rats’) headquarters.

A full Christmas lunch, including all the trimmings, was served in the cookhouses of Camp Bastion, MOB Lashkar Gah and patrol bases across Helmand. Even the troops manning the security towers or sangars surrounding Camp Bastion were not forgotten and enjoyed personal deliveries of hot food.

Providing a little Christmas cheer to forces overseas every year is the UK based charity CHRISTMAS IN HELMANDcalled uk4uThanks! This is an organisation funded by money donated by members of the public. The presents (affectionately known as the ‘square stocking’) act as a gift from the nation to all those serving in the UK Armed Forces overseas away from their families and loved ones on Christmas Day. The boxes, containing a host of goodies from business sponsors and bought with money donated from members of the public, were delivered in time to be opened on Christmas Day. Much speculation abounds as to the contents of the boxes and it is never a disappointment as much thought is put into providing amusing and useful gifts away from home at Christmas time.

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