Christmas Shopping – Keep Safe

When Christmas ShoppingMOD Police Crest

  • Make sure you park your car in a well lit public place, avoid isolated dark areas and do not leave objects on display.
  • If you have to return to the car to unload purchases make sure that they are locked out of sight. Try not to do this too often. It might be prudent to make more than one trip to the shops rather than leave the unattended car loaded up with expensive items. To a thief, your car is little more than a glass display case on wheels!
  • Avoid carrying too much around with you, the more bags you’ve got the more vulnerable you are to street
  • Keep your purse or wallet somewhere close to your body where you can feel it. Keep your cheque books and cheque cards separately.
  • If you take a tea or lunch break, don’t leave your bags unattended, not even for a few seconds.
  • Because of the tendency for everyone to be in a rush over Christmas, credit card theft can increase as people are less careful with their plastic. Card crime not only involves someone stealing your card but also skimming, which is a method of illegally obtaining your card details by swiping your card through a small card reader. The details can then be used to make a counterfeit copy. This could happen anywhere you might pay with a credit card.
  • Be extra vigilant at cash machines. You should report anything which looks out of place on the machine, particularly anything attached to the card entry port, or anyone you see hanging around in the vicinity of the machines. Make sure no one can see you entering your personal identification number (PIN) and do not walk away from the machine with cash in your hand for everyone to see.

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