Royal Navy in WWII – Talk by Glyn Prysor

Glyn Prysor will be giving a talk on the Royal Navy’s Citizen Sailor as seen through the eyes of the sailors who took part at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport, Hampshire on Thursday 15 November at 7pm.

His talk will focus on submariners, exploring their lives and experiences across the globe, and assessing their role in the naval power which was so vital to Britain.

From research undertaken for his latest book Citizen Sailors, he draws on citizen%20sailorscopious contemporary diaries and letters from WW2. 

He will be describing nerve-wracking convoys, epic gun battles, deadly secret missions, daring rescues and decisive landings.

Glyn Prysor is a historian and Citizen Sailors is his first book.  He completed his doctorate at OxfordUniversity and taught modern British History at JesusCollege. He has also taught at the University of Sussex.

Tickets for this talk are £8 and can be bought online at

by calling 02392 545 036

or on the night at the SubmarineMuseum. 

The RoyalNavySubmarineMuseum is the memorial to the Royal Navy Submarine Service and all proceeds from the talk will go to support the Saving HMS Alliance campaign.


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