Get Safe Online Week: 22nd – 26th October 2012

Get Safe Online Week is coming up from 22 – 26 October. We’d like you to get involved by spreading the word about ‘Click & Tell’ – the theme for the week. What we’d like you to do is to encourage the people you’re training to visit the Get Safe Online website, find out some simple tips about staying safe online and passing them on to friends, schoolmates, family – and anyone else who might benefit. There’s tons of information on the website about social networking, instant messaging, gaming, shopping, downloading . you name it. Further information is available from the campaign website.

ClickCEOP Facebook App – now available

We have recently launched a new Facebook App and we’d like you to encourage young people and their parents or carers to download the ClickCEOP Facebook app. This will mean that whilst they are on Facebook they are only one click away from reporting should they come across anything upsetting. If your organisation has a Facebook fan page you can also add the ClickCEOP app to it.

Follow the instructions below to install the App:CEOP

Log into Facebook and type ‘ClickCEOP’ into the search engine
Click ‘Like’ to become a member
Visit the ClickCEOP section on the home page
Watch the video hosted on this page to familiarise yourself with CEOP’s reporting procedures
Click the ‘Add CEOP’ section – highlighted in yellow
If the button is for a child or young person’s personal account, or even your own, click ‘Add to your favourites’
This button will now be downloaded onto your profile page. To make it visible and assessable, add to favourites by following the instructions
If the button is for a group or fan page click ‘Add to your fan page’
Choose the Facebook page you would like the button displayed on and click ‘Add to Page’.
The ClickCEOP button will downloaded.


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