Community Centre Army HQ Now Open

Yesterday seen the long awaited opening of the new community centre at Army HQ Andover.

colphil2MOD Police Community Police Officer, PC Karen Rosier attended the opening event and was greeted by a somewhat frustrated Commanding Officer, Lt Col Phil Everitt. He was having difficulties in setting up the games console, which he was very keen to have all ready for parents and children arriving….

…or did he really want to have a go himself? It wasn’t long before Karen applied her technical know how and a happy CO was soon bowling and playing golf!

colphil1The event was extremely well attended by families, keen to see the facilities and start planning activities and events at the community centre. Facilities include a large soft play area, games consoles, soft ball pit, pool table, plasma TV, comfy sofas, kitchen and table tennis.

Community Development Workers Janine Shipley and Cathy Sherlock, wasted no time sitting down with residents and began planning how the centre could be best used and what support they could offer.

colphilA sweetie tower was provided by the Sergeant’s Mess and Aramark kindly supplied drinks, sandwiches and cakes for the event.

Despite the quite “unique” set up at Army HQ with the community centre being located behind the wire and the few hurdles that this presents, there was no doubting the enthusiasm of the residents to get together and make progress with this fabulous new facility.

2IC Major Bill Reilly has been instrumental in the preparations leading up to the community centre being opened and is keen to support families wherever possible to see the facility being used to its full potential.


PC Karen displays her competitive side with Padre Derek!

A meeting is being held next week in order to establish a committee and hold further discussions on how to progress.


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