MOD Police Working in Support of Olympics

CRESTMOD Police (MDP) have over 150 Police Officers deployed across the country in support of the Olympic Games. These include specialist roles from marine policing units, protestor removal teams, motorcycle outriders, armed officers, search experts and protective policing specialists to arms and explosives search dogs.

Speaking ahead of the Games, Assistant Chief Constable Robert Chidley, the MDP’s Gold Olympics lead, said that this would be ‘the most diverse and broad-ranging deployment the MDP has ever undertaken’:

“We are making use of the largest marine policing division within the United Kingdom to mdp marine unitprovide a pool of specialist officers as part of the Police and Royal Navy’s security arrangements for the sailing events at Weymouth and Portland,” he continued.

“Other marine policing officers will be on duty on the River Thames to provide protection to HMS Ocean.

“And we will be taking advantage of our many years of experience in protecting some of the MOD’s most sensitive sites against intruders to provide armed policing for the ground-based air defence systems which are to be temporarily installed around London.”

olympicflameThe MDP gained some experience of Olympics policing before the start of the Games when its complement at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose helped secure the site for the arrival of the Olympic Flame in May.

Alongside its commitment to the Olympics security arrangements, the MDP has also provided officers to assist the UK Border Force with the increased numbers of overseas visitors to the country.

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