Surrey Heath Residents Show Community Spirit to Distressed Army Wife

31st July 2012 Update –  The curse of Frimley High Street finally lifted – Business’s delight as clampers leave

It has been well documented on and other press articles, that there have been on-going issues in relation to car clampers, which operate in the Cedar Lane car park at Frimley. Changes to parking charges in this car park were not made clear and clampers were accused of “dirty tricks” after scores of shoppers were unwittingly slapped with £125 fines.

Councillor Paul Deach has been very proactive in raising awareness amongst residents. This was recognised and documented by fellow Councillor Denis Fuller.

Sadly, yesterday, Paul found himself witnessing an unfortunate scenario in the Cedar Lane car park, which involved a very distressed Army Wife, whose husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan. The following footage will allow you to draw your own conclusions in relation to the clampers, but without doubt, it evidences the massive community spirit and recognition of our Service Families from Surrey Heath Residents.

Huge thanks to Councillor Paul Deach and those residents of Surrey Heath for their kindness and support.

Can’t see video player? Click here



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