Peace of Mind for SFA Residents at RM Poole

CRESTResidents of the Royal Marines Poole Service Families Accommodation (SFA) are benefiting from the introduction of a No Cold Calling Zone.

MOD Community Police Officer, PC Andy Gale reports that residents were receiving cold calls mostly from utility companies; some residents were reporting their behviour as suspicious to Police. Andy said, “With partners deployed to theatre, this unwelcome intervention was deemed as a nuisance to residents and on occasions a security concern due to the questions that they would ask”.

With the additional closure of a pedestrian side access entrance/cut through there is no longer a reasonable excuse for someone to be within the service family area without good reason. This has reduced anti social behavior problems considerably from a neighbouring civilian estate.

ncc1Since the introduction of the signage there have been no reports of cold callers within the service family area.


One thought on “Peace of Mind for SFA Residents at RM Poole

  1. Well done to PC Gale, I only wish the MDP had a united approach to Policing the SFA’s nationwide. We don’t make our job easy by all doing our own thing.

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