Bicycle Thieves at Work

CRESTThe cost of having your bicycle stolen or damaged in an attempted theft can run into hundreds of pounds, so it’s practical to take some basic precautions that can greatly minimise the risk of having your bike targeted by thieves.

Buy a decent lock (and preferably two)

Before visiting a cycle shop check for certified locks.

Locks are not for life

Keep your security up to date and replace locks when they get old or rusty.

Get insurance

Check if your house insurance already covers your bicycle when away from home, and also whether the total value of the bike is covered.

If your bike is particularly valuable you may need to insure it separately.

Keep a record of your frame number

Without a frame number the police don’t stand a chance of recovering your bike if it’s stolen.

You can register your number with a scheme like:

Other methods of security tagging for identification include:

Lock your bike securely

Always lock the frame and both wheels to the stand or strong immovable object.

Make the lock and bike hard to manoeuvre when parked and do not allow thieves to place your lock(s) in contact with the ground.

Here are a couple of thieves at work; a security team spot bike thieves at work using CCTV and stop them in their tracks before calling police.

Both men were arrested and charged for attempted theft. One man was given a referral order and the other received a conditional discharge.

Can’t see video player? Click here


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