A Cry for Help…A Positive Outcome

From PC Fiona Franklin

CRESTHome Front, in a nutshell is a Community Safety Partnership, geared specifically for Military Families and since the pilot scheme at Arborfield in 2004, it has grown and enjoyed many successes throughout our communities.

More recently of course, this web page came to be and we ventured into the mighty world of social media. This has enabled us to connect with Military Families, which do not benefit from having a dedicated Defence Community Police Officer (DCPO) on their Service Families Accommodation (SFA) Estate and indeed Military Families, which reside in private accommodation.

It has also increased our knowledge of and liaison with many agencies and charities, which have made valuable contributions to Home Front and been able to assist with a variety of issues out there in our communities.

Recently, I received a message, directed to me on Twitter; the message alerted me immediately to the fact that this person desperately required help and support; their bio stating that they were a former soldier suffering with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The location stated was London…not too much to go on!

Together with colleague PC Helen Binning and the assistance of a social media Police Advisor, known to me via Twitter, we were able to gather relevant information, which led me to contact a veteran’s charity. The charity had knowledge of the former soldier and I was able to brief them accordingly; this person is now receiving relevant help and support.

Whilst for obvious reasons, I have not divulged too many details in relation to this case, it is clear that the power of social media is immense. Someone in a desperate situation evidently felt comfortable approaching me via social media and my increased knowledge of other agencies and support networks from being a Twitter user enabled me to ensure the best possible outcome.

My thanks to PC Helen Binning and those who helped in this case (you know who you are). Very much appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “A Cry for Help…A Positive Outcome

  1. Fiona, Your team have just saved a life! Well Done! It was not until I suffered PTSD that I became aware how this condition was a killer, with the highest self harm & suicide rate amongst Armed Forces & Emergency Service workers (My Group..)

    Combat Stress do an amazing job for serving / veterans of the Armed Forces (That was a hint ….. donate!)

    Education & awareness is the key, sufferers of this invisible injury rarely realise they are at risk. When I was going through my dark days, I really felt isolated, in pain and in torture. Luckily my brilliant doctor and surgeon recognised a problem. And shortly afterwards I began treatment with The Hollies at Aldershot. They saved my life! And as a Firefigher I never thought I would need saving……

    There is light at the end of the dark tunnel for PTSD victims, it just need that first supported intervention by a family member, friend or stranger!

    Well Done!

    • Bill,

      I really apprecaite you sharing your experience and it’s great to know that people can and do get through very tough times endured through PTSD…and I can relate to what you say about you never thinking that you might need saving; that comes through the very nature of our jobs and we are the ones always there to help, never thinking we might need help one day.
      I had a very anxious few days after receiving that tweet; it did take a bit of digging, but so relieved that with the help and support of others, we reached a satisfactory conclusion!
      I wholly agree that Combat Stress, Veterans Aid and others out there do amazing jobs…and yes…I do support them.
      Hoping that you continue to do well and wishing that former soldier a speedy recovery.
      Thanks again.

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