New Community Police Officer for Colchester Garrison

MOD Police CrestA warm welcome to the Colchester Garrison Community. I know it will be a slow start but I am sure that Service Families will benefit from this web page. (Twitter @HomeFront4u) Please take time to save this site in your favourites and if you haven’t already done so, you can follow me, your local Defence Community Police Officer (DCPO) PC Andy Grainge on Twitter. @PCAndyGrainge PCAndyGrainge
If any Community Groups, Families Groups, Unit Welfare Offices etc wish to post forthcoming events or information from the Colchester Garrison area, please forward to me for publication.

Remember ‘Please Tweet with Respect’ this website and my Twitter account are official sources of information. If you wish to report a crime, pass information or simply wish to ask for some advice, then send me an email, telephone me or send me a Direct Message on Twitter, if this is possible.

Thank You
PC Andy Grainge
DCPO MDP Colchester Garrison
Tel: 07771 946772
Twitter: @PCAndyGrainge

Don’t miss the forthcoming Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) Meeting – details below.



5 thoughts on “New Community Police Officer for Colchester Garrison

  1. One thing that annoys me is all those empty houses on the garrison site, they should be boarded up properly, demolished, put back into use.

    • Fully appreciate the issue you raise; constantly in liaison with DE & MHS in relation to this in a number of locations. I will discuss further with PC Grainge in relation to Colchester. Please though in the meantime, do not hesitate to report any incidents.
      Kind regards.

    • As promised, I have been in liaison with PC Andy Grainge. He sends the following.

      Alex Jones, thank you for your concern, I am assuming you are either referring to firstly, the flats that link with houses on Fallowfield Road and Alamein Road. Or secondly, the old houses that are currently being demolished that are on Cassino Road / Olive Grove.

      Firstly, these flats are in the control of G4 Garrison and not DIO, they are going to be made serviceable as money is available in the Garrison Budget for single soldiers, I will raise your concern through the Garrison RQMS.

      Secondly, this is a contracted demolition and is out of the hands of the MoD as I understand. However, I will raise this through the Garrison Chain of Command.

      Could I please urge you to attend the NAP Meeting at the Musket Club at 0930hrs 25th May. Please follow me on Twitter; @PCAndyGrainge

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks for your reply. These empty buildings appear to have been like this for years. The main entrance to the “flats” should be secured, and they could be a hazard to children who I have seen gaining access to them.

  2. Alex, in reply to your second message. I totally agree about the flats. I’m new to the Garrison so don’t have an answer to how long they have been in this state. I have two recorded Burglaries on my books for these flats alone, so they cause me issues. As I said these are under management of the Garrison and not DIO. As a Police Officer I work on ‘The Broken Window Theory’ and this is a typical case. I have given Crime Reduction advice to Garrison Staff.
    Can I urge you to attend the NAP meeting and have your say direct to Senior Garrison Staff, I have passed on your concerns already.

    PC Grainge
    07771 946772

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