Scam alert – Indian restaurant loyalty card blag

Surrey Police 101 - Surrey Residents NetworkI have received several reports today from reliable local residents who have been called by an 0121 number by someone claiming to represent an Indian restaurant on the London Road.

They are offering a loyalty card for £25 which would entitle the bearer to free food at the restaurant for a whole year if you pay on your credit card over the phone.

This is obviously a scam. Never give your credit card details over the phone unless you know the company are reputable.

When the resident called the number on their caller display, it returned a number not recognised.

Many of the VOIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol ) services such as Skype and Vonage will display a number such as an 0121 number.

If you think about it, with VOIP and Google Maps it would be easy for overseas criminals to target people in this way.

Should you receive a call like this, please hang up and call the Police non Emergancy number on 101.

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