MPs warned of risks of MOD Police cuts 25.04.12 by British Forces News

PICTURES: Defence Police Federation

The fight to save Ministry of Defence Police from 2,000 job cuts was taken direct to MPs on 25th April 2012.

In a written statement to Parliament last month Defence Personnel minister Andrew
Robathan detailed the cuts.

He said he regretted the uncertainty and anxiety caused to staff but said the Government “can and will” make changes in guarding and civil policing.

Under the measures, the MOD Police is to downsize from a current strength of just under 3,100 to about 2,400 by April 2016. The MOD Guard Service will be cut from just under 3,300 members to about 2,200 by April 2015.

The headquarters and management structures of each organisation will see costs slashed by 50%.

In other locations, guard numbers could also be reduced, while in some defence communities the number of Defence Community Police Officers may be cut.

Today the Defence Police Federation is briefing MPs about how its warnings about the impact of the cuts on national security could impact on individual constituencies.

National Chairman Eamon Keating will highlight a range of issues including nuclear weapons facilities.

The Government insists the cuts can be introduced without compromising security.

In his statement last month Mr Robathan said: “Safeguarding our sites, people and assets – in particular those associated with our nuclear programme – remains a central priority.

“We have however concluded we can make sensible and prudent reductions in the number of guarding and civil policing posts at some of our sites, whilst continuing to maintain effective security.”


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