Front Line Comedy

After eighteen years service with the Humberside Police, Sergeant Alfie Moore has a lot of stories to tell and after five years playing the comedy clubs he certainly knows how to tell them.

“I Predicted A Riot” takes you on a laughter-filled whistle stop tour of protests and riots through history, (including ones that Alfie has been personally involved with as a police officer). From the Nika Riots of AD 532 right up to the incidents of last summer Alfie talks about the factors contributing to these events and what it feels like to be on the other side of the riot shield.

Alfie originally conceived the idea for the show, which included his thoughts on why there were more riots to come, in December 2010 and intended to take it to the Edinburgh Fringe 2011. After a number of successful previews this plan was postponed when he instead used his police leave to film ITV1′s Show Me The Funny. Ironically during August 2011, whilst Alfie should have been in Edinburgh, riots ignited in London and spread across the UK!

tourdonationalfieThe show has now been revised and updated to include last year’s riots together with lots of entertaining digressions regarding his experiences on the beat and his take on the ‘comedy gold’ of everyday life.


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