Male Admits to Criminal Damage and Firearms Offences on SFA Estate

CRESTMOD Police Community Police Officers for Pirbright and Deepcut PC Dave Broadhead and PC Chris Flint recently arrested a male in relation to criminal damage committed on a Service Families’ Accommodation (SFA) Estate.

The male was arrested on suspicion of firing an air rifle on numerous occasions at street lighting within a SFA area at Ash near Aldershot. He admitted to the offences and subsequently received two Police Cautions.

Provision has also been made to recover the cost of this damage from the offender.

PC Broadhead said, “This kind of Criminal activity directly impacts on our Military Families as street lights are for the benefit and safety of all in the community. Damage caused on any estate can portray a poor image and can encourage further incidents of criminality”.

If you see evidence of criminality or any suspicious activity in your SFA area, please report it to Police.

MOD Police Control Room 24/7  Tel 01371 854500.


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