Support for Bereaved Military Families

CRESTMOD Police Community Policing Supervisor for Northern Ireland, PS Jimmy Carr, recently met with Deputy Chief of Staff (DCOS) for 19 Brigade, Major Belinda Forsythe MBE.

During their meeting, Major Forsythe brought to Jimmy’s attention a charity, which she runs in support of bereaved Military Families, Here’s what Jimmy had to say:

“The charity is described on the site as:

Families’ Activity Breaks (FAB) is a non-public funded, tri Service initiative in partnership with YHA (England & Wales) Ltd., providing fun and challenging activity holidays around the UK for bereaved Military families.

I could not be anything other than impressed and amazed by what is being achieved to support the families of those lost whilst serving. I could not be anything but impressed with the group’s aims and support it offers to the bereaved families.

Belinda talked of the need for volunteers, particularly male volunteers. They need volunteers to be at the holiday homes to act as points of contact for families. They require males, as in most cases, it is the male member of the family who is deceased. She advised that training is provided and accommodation and food costs are paid for. The other cost to the volunteer is transportation.

It was a difficult conversation for Belinda. She had only two hours earlier received notification that one of the Brigade Soldiers serving in Afghanistan had been killed by an IED.

If ever there was a reminder of the need for the valuable work of this charity this was it.

Can I ask for support of all, in whatever way we can to publicise and support the vital work of this charity”?

Here is some more information about FAB. 




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