Military Wives at Marchwood are Ready to Sing

This week, Military Wives at Marchwood held a meeting, where interest in setting up a choir was the agenda item.

HFLogoThis all came about, when one wife, Louise, who is fairly new to Marchwood contacted @HomeFront4u via Twitter, where support was at hand from partner agencies and of course with the powers of social media, support was soon flooding in from already established Military Wives Choirs.

Padre Roger introduced a local gentleman Reg to the group, who has a wealth of musical experience with choirs and orchestras. He has kindly offered his services in support of the Marchwood Military Wives.

HIVE Information Officer, Su, provided help and support in circulating information and has been contacted by some wives, who were unable to attend the meeting, but would like to be part of the choir.

PC Fiona Franklin, Community Safety Manager for South East Division, attended the meeting. She informed the wives that their Community Police Officer, PC Andy Bowen, had called her last week and started singing “The Sound of Music” down the phone! Andy would have liked to have called in to meet the wives, but was on leave, so Fiona was there to represent him (not to sing though)! Andy will be sorry however when Fiona reports back that he missed out on a variety of home baked goodies, which Louise provided!

Louise recently Tweeted:

@MarchwoodMWC is looking like a whole lot more than just a choir; is a bridge to build a community and to unite the diverse cultures here

Exactly what Home Front is all about; encouraging community engagement and integration and the community taking ownership.

So basic admin business discussed and agreed, a wee breathing exercise with Reg; tea, cake and getting to know each other and the first rehearsal date has been set.

Tuesday 20th March 8 30pm at the Mulberry Centre

All Marchwood Military Wives welcome.

Well done Louise and good luck to the new Marchwood Military Wives Choir



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