Cold Calling Consultation – Marchwood

HFLogoCold Calling has been raised as an issue by residents on a number of SFA patches. Generally it is perceived that the people most vulnerable to doorstep crime are elderly/disabled people; Home Front Teams though have long since recognized that in relation to Military Families living in SFA, when troops are deployed, this leaves an instant estate of single parent families. In many cases, young wives/mums, who might not have had to cope alone before and could be equally vulnerable to this type of crime.

A cold call is the act of making an unrequested or uninvited visit to your home. Most cold callers intend to sell you goods or services.

Although the majority of cold callers are genuine, there are a minority who commit ‘doorstep crime’.

It is often difficult to tell whether the person is genuine, a rogue trader offering repairs or improvements, or a bogus caller trying to get into your home.

You are under no obligation to allow anyone to enter your home and can refuse access.

Simple advice in dealing with Cold Callers:

  • Ensure you use a chain when opening the door
  • Never sign anything
  • Get a second opinion

Hampshire Trading Standards have undertaken much work in setting up No Cold Calling Zones throughout the county. PC Andy Bowen, the MOD Police Community Officer for Marchwood has been in liaison with Hampshire Trading Standards and a consultation is underway with residents on the patch at Marchwood. (This includes the private properties within the curtilage of the patch).

All residents should now be in receipt of information and consultation forms. For a No Cold Calling Zone to be implemented, it requires 66% of residents to register an intrest.

Please ensure that completed forms are returned no later than 1st April.

More information:


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