An appeal from a Military Wife at Marchwood


A Military Wife at Marchwood has contacted her Home Front team via Twitter @HomeFront4u to look for some help and support in setting up a Military Wives Choir at Marchwood.

As a Military Wife, fairly new to Marchwood and inspired by other Military Wives, she would love to see a choir being set up at Marchwood to extend the support network for Military Wives, enhance that sense of community and of course, enjoy singing as part of a choir.

We have already seen the success of other Military Wives Choirs and they are on the increase; getting very difficult to keep up with indeed! Some of them are already offering advice and support via Twitter, which is very gratefully received.

@Milwiveschoir @salsplainmwc @MilWAGSChoirCat @PortsmouthMWC @WattishamMWC @DishforthMWC @PlymouthMWC @mwclympstone @burstona

The HIVE Information Officer at Marchwood has also kindly offered her support and is canvassing the community for support. So Military Wives of Marchwood, please contact the HIVE Information Officer if you are interested.

Marchwood HIVE
The Mulberry Centre
Mulberry Road
SO40 4WB
Tel:             02380 862172

Come on Military Wives of Marchwood…………..sing up! We look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s a reminder of some of what has been achieved.

The debut album, In My Dreams, is raising money to help set up choirs in military communities across the UK is available to order:



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