Doggie do’s…

PC Karen Rosier, the Community Police Officer for Andover has recently received a number of complaints from one particular Service Families Accommodation (SFA) patch in relation to stray dogs and fouling. In the space of one week, she had reason to call out the Dog Warden on three occasions.

Karen has circulated the following to her residents and it serves as a reminder to everyone, who has a dog.

Stray Dogs:

  • sad_dog_do_something1Contact the Local Authority Dog Warden who will come and collect the dog from you during normal working hours. (Stray dogs are dealt with under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 which gives Local Authority Officers powers to seize and detain any dog that is found to be straying).
  • The dog will be taken to the Local Authority kennels to be looked after whilst every attempt is made to find the owner of the dog.The dog will be scanned for a microchip; this is a tiny electronic device injected into the scruff of the dog which can be read by a scanner. The details of the dog and owner are held on a national database enabling dog and owner to be reunited almost immediately.
  • Dog wardens from neighbouring boroughs will be contacted to see if the dog has been reported missing nearby. Information of the stray may be posted on national lost/found dog web sites in case it has travelled from out of the area.
  • If an owner of a stray dog is traced they will be required to pay a statutory fee of £35 plus any kennelling, vets and other costs incurred before the dog can be reclaimed.
  • The dogs are held for 7 days, after this time if the owner cannot be found they are taken to one of the national re-homing centres such as the RSPCA or The Dogs Trust.


Microchipping is a permanent way of identifying your dog and means that he or she can be returned to you almost immediately.

Whether your dog is microchipped or not, by law all dogs should wear a collar with identification tag bearing your address and contact details.

If your dog is prone to losing his/her tag, then write your details on the collar in permanent marker. This also means that anyone finding your dog can return him or her directly to you.


This is not reality!


Everyone should be able to enjoy living in a clean and healthy environment – no one should have to put up with the actions of irresponsible dog owners.

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 covers all land which is open to the air and to which the public have access to.

dogbagsThe Act requires that if a dog defecates at any time on designated land the person in charge of that dog at that time must clean up after the dog immediately. Failure to do so is an offence.

Dog Wardens have the authority to spot fine any person guilty of such an offence £80 (£50 payable within 7 days), failure to pay this fine within 14 days may lead to a summary conviction with fines up to £1000.

If you are experiencing a problem with dog fouling in your area you can make a difference by being vigilant, talking to your neighbours and identifying the dog walkers in your area.

Dog wardens can:

  • erect ‘dog fouling’ signs on suitable sites in the area
  • arrange to have the footpath swept
  • patrol the area, talking to local dog walkers which may lead to information as to who the irresponsible owners are
  • spot fine anyone seen committing an offence as above
  • send out a generic letter to local residents asking for any information they may have regarding the identification of any irresponsible dog owners in their area. Any information is treated with strictest confidence but enables the dog wardens to talk to the alleged offender, making them aware of their responsibilities which will hopefully put an end to their irresponsible attitude.

Please remember that in order to have a pet dog in SFA you have to request permission from Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and that should you not be a responsible dog owner, DIO can withdraw that permission.

Finally, to anyone, Military or civilian, who exercises their dogs on MOD training areas, please ensure that you clean up after your dogs; spare a thought, not just for other people walking through the area, but for soldiers who have to go out on exercise here, often when it is dark…..

This is the @InsidePrestwich dog poo video. Made for all, who Tweeted in with dog poo hotspots and anyone who has found themselves “surfing a turd”. Let’s not get to this extreme! Please be responsible. Thank you.


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