Living in SFA? Licence to Occupy insurance – make sure you are protected

Whether you’ve just started living in Service Family Accommodation (SFA), or you have lived in Quarters for years, many Service personnel do not pick up on the fact that they could be liable for paying for damage that results from their actions; or their families, guests or pets.

The MOD has agreed to cap your liability at £20,000 – which is still a lot of money – even though £20,000 could be a fraction of the overall repair cost.

The MOD recommends that all Service families living in SFA should check whether they are adequately covered by their insurance policy and, if not, strongly recommends that families should take out Licence to Occupy insurance – as this provides cover of up to £20,000 for your potential liability.  Think about the situations where you may be liable, such as damage caused by a chip pan fire or flood damage as a result of failing to adequately heat your home in Winter.

Where to find out more information…  The following specialist insurance website provides links to companies who provide Licence to Occupy insurance, which is entirely separate from contents or buildings insurance –  If you already have Kit insurance with one of these specialist insurers, it may be worth checking if you are already covered.


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