Don’t become the next target…

belfast telegraph

Dissident republican bomb attack was targeted using Facebook
A soldier who narrowly escaped a dissident republican bomb attack was targeted using Facebook, the Belfast Telegraph can reveal.
The Scottish soldier’s alarming security blunder could have cost him his life during a festive visit to Belfast.
And a week after the discovery of a deadly booby-trap device inside his car, new information points to a disturbing catalogue of security lapses.
The terror faction learned that three soldiers were visiting the house in Ligoniel over the holiday period … in another security blunder, the soldiers were also tailed as they travelled into Andersonstown in west Belfast, and, a short time later, were also observed using a taxi to travel to the city centre.
His identity was obtained using a photograph on the Facebook website.
According to a source, it showed him in uniform sitting on a tank.
The dissident group also used the Facebook site to build up an intelligence picture on the soldier before the attack.

Security Instructions are there for a reason


 Don’t become the next target


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