Veterans-UK is the Ministry Of Defence brand bringing together services to veterans. It is the first stop for veterans, who need help and advice.

A veteran is anyone who has served in HM Armed forces, regular or reserve, including National Servicemen.Veterans status also applies to former Polish Forces under British Command in WWII and Merchant Mariners, who have seen duty in military operations.Veterans can be any age from 18 to 100+ and need not have served in conflict. All are entitled to the services of Veterans-UK.

Services include welfare support in relation to a variety of things including, pensions, compensation and public recognition for veterans.

HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge

For generations our Armed Forces have served our country across the world in many roles from war fighting, peacekeeping and reconstruction to home defence. In so doing, they have defended our country, our way of life and our cherished values. A large number of our veterans are young and active and now use the skills, the discipline and the leadership they learned in the Armed Forces to benefit their civilian employers and the wider community. The Ministry of Defence Strategy for Veterans highlights that because of all this it is important to focus on supporting veterans of all ages by celebrating, and raising public awareness of, their achievements and their contribution to society. To promote recognition of veterans by the wider British public the unique and unifying symbol of the HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge is available to all those who have served in HM Armed Forces.
The HM Armed Forces Veterans’ Lapel Badge was launched in May 2004 by the then Minister for Veterans, to raise the profile of veterans by assisting the wider public to recognise them. The first veterans badge was issued to Lord Healey, a veteran of the Battle for Monte Cassino, on 10 May 2004, which initiated the roll out of the badge to the generation who served in the Second World War. Since then eligibility to apply for the badge has been extended in sequential phases and now all veterans are eligible to apply.

badgeThe badge is an enamelled, engraved, and pinned, lapel badge featuring the words “HM Armed Forces – Veteran”, which encompass the Tri-Service, Anchor, Crossed Swords and Eagle motif. Its symbolism is intended to unite all veterans in recognising the commonality of their service, to encourage a sense of unity and community between surviving veterans and to ignite public recognition of our veterans and their continuing contribution to society.


All those who have served in HM Armed Forces, including Volunteer and Regular Reserves

Veterans who served in Armed Forces of other Countries and those who served alongside HM Armed Forces are not eligible (e.g. Canadian Navy or Royal Australian Air Force).

Posthumous requests
The badge is a survivors badge and therefore is not issued posthumously.
The only exception is for War Widows and Widowers who are in receipt of a War Widows/Widowers Pension paid by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency. This also includes those who have received an award of Survivors Guaranteed Income Payment (SGIP) under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. This is in recognition of the fact that their death was due to their military service.

How to apply
You can apply by any of the following methods:
Click on one of the links below to access the application form.

Application Forms

Please ensure you complete the form including your service details as fully as possible.

You may post or fax your completed form to the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

Another option is to download the form, complete it electronically, save the form and return to the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency by email.

If you wish, you may call the Freephone number to apply. Please ensure you have to hand all the details asked for on the application form.

Postal address:

Service Personnel and Veterans Agency,

01253 330561 (UK Only)
+44 1253 330561 (Overseas)

Freephone Helpline
Free: 0800 169 2277 (UK only)
Free: 0800 169 3458 (Minicom UK only)
+44 1253 866043 (Overseas)

earleOn 14th December, we published an appeal from Former Royal Marine Earle Ryan, who is campaigning for the National Defence Medal. He stated, “What is considered sad is that the Australian and New Zealand Military have the National Defence Medal under the authority of our Majesty the Queen whereas the British Military have been ignored”.

Perhaps by making eligible veterans aware of the badge, awareness of Earle’s campaign will be raised too.

Sign up Now:

Twitter: @Glanadda / @NDM_UK


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