Traffic Calming at Pirbright

The Home Front Team at Pirbright and Deepcut, are continually trying to reduce the risks of harm and injury to all persons in and around the Service Families Accommodation (SFA).

Community Police Officers PC Dave Broadhead and PC Chris Flint are very productive and regularly carry out Speed Checks in both Pirbright and Deepcut using hand held Speed Monitoring Devices. Both Community Police Officers regularly give out literature and verbal advice regarding Road Safety in an attempt to reduce the speeds in the SFA areas.

In 2011, over fifty people were prosecuted which resulted in court fines of between £115 and £480. Some of the Offenders were residents who had complained about the speed of vehicles travelling in the SFA areas. The majority of speeding offences took place at Billesden Road, Pirbright, which has a high concentration of Service Families with young children.

To enhance traffic calming at Pirbright, four new 20mph repeater signs have been fitted on Billesden Roadin partnership with Concept Design Solutions, who are a sub contractor for the Ministry of Defence in the Deepcut Garrison Area. These signs will remind drivers of the speed limit whilst they are travelling on the entire length of this road.20mphpirbright

Both Dave and Chris would like to thank Michael Rea of Concept Design Solutions, Farnborough, for his assistance in the fitting of these signs.

Consultation between the Home Front Team and our Partners, with regard further traffic calming measures are on going and will hopefully be implemented in the near future.

If you have any ideas with regard enhancing your safety or quality of life in your SFA Area please do not hesitate to contact the Home Front Team.


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