Cold Callers on the Phone – Be Aware

Over the festive period we have received reports from service personnel at Brecon and Deepcut in relation to a phone scam; the following is one of the reports we received.MOD Police Crest

“I was subject to a phone scam over the stand down period from an Indian speaking person claiming to be from Microsoft Technical repairs.

I have since found out that there have been a couple of people who have received similar calls.

The callers sound genuine and if you google the website it appears to be a legitimate website but on further investigation they are scammers.

They will say that they have reports of your laptop or desktop home computer contracting viruses and guide you to where they will ask you to input a 6 digit code. This does not exist and the response they will give you is probably due to the warranty of the software running out of date.

This is where they will goad you into a pay now web page to up date you. They will offer you a one off payment of around £69 or for a years cover and technical FREE advice they will charge you £140.

They are scammers but come across as sounding very authentic. Cold callers….. Please be aware this may be happening within your area”.

Please think carefully when you receive a cold call on the telephone. Consider registering with TPS Online


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