EuroMillions Scam – From PC Fiona Franklin

A number of lottery players in the UK have been targeted by a EuroMillions scam. Letters have been sent out and ask for the personal and confidential details of the recipient so that their prize can be released. I received one of these letters today and can understand why some people might be fooled by them. Please see the following information, which was published on the EuroMillions web page and remember that no lottery sends out letters or emails to jackpot winners asking for personal information.

Unfortunately lottery scams like this are not new, and they are certainly not confined to the UK. Lottery players all over the world have reported that they have received “winning confirmations” that relate to many different lottery games, including ones that don’t actually exist. EuroMillions just happens to be the latest lottery that the criminals have started naming in their efforts to illegally obtain information from unsuspecting players.

We here at would like to remind all players that no lottery sends out letters or emails to jackpot winners asking for personal information. If you play EuroMillions online and you win a prize, an email telling you about your win would be sent to you, but it would not ask you to divulge any personal information. Instead, you would be invited to contact the lottery company yourself so that your claim could be processed.

Many lottery scams tell the victim that they must pay an administration fee to obtain their winnings. Again, this is not the case with any genuine lottery. Of course, even if it were, and you had won millions as the scam letter claimed, the company sending the letter would have all the money required to cover administration!

Unfortunately, many people are deceived by such scams – most often the elderly and vulnerable – and end up losing money and in some cases their life savings in an attempt to claim a prize from a lottery that they didn’t enter in the first place.

As always, the best way to stay safe is to buy EuroMillions tickets online and check your EuroMillions results personally. If you win a prize then you can be sure that it will be delivered to you promptly with a minimum of fuss and certainly without you having to make any further payment!


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