An Appeal from a Former Royal Marines Commando

earleI am a 74 years old Former Royal Marines Commando. I was a National Serviceman from 1958 to 1960; thereafter joining the Cheshire Constabulary for the next 30 years.

On retirement I worked for Littlewoods Pools on the Investigation Branch. I was responsible for paying out the `Big Winners` I fully retired in 1998.

I am deeply committed to the Campaign for the National Defence Medal for our past and present `Forgotten Heroes`

Between 1947 -1961 2.5 million young men between the ages of 18 and 26 years were compelled to do 2 years National Service, with 6,000 being called up every fortnight.

Many were killed during their service and did not return to their families and the jobs they had left behind.

These men are now in the 70s -80s and older and are our forgotten heroes.

In our country today there many who are determined that they will not be forgotten. The Campaign is supported by Dame Vera Lynn.

I thought that by joining Twitter for the first time that I would be able to generate support for the Campaign.  I have generated a little but not as much as I would have liked. Please follow me on Twitter @Glanadda

The majority of Police officers between the years of 1949 and 1961 would have been National Servicemen. Certainly when I joined in 1960 they were. The main problem is that many of the people of my generation do not have Email addresses and certainly do not know of Facebook and Twitter. I would appeal to the younger generation to help here.

MP Andrew Robathan of the MOD appears to be against the award of the medal and has attempted to `Whitewash` the whole issue. I understand that now there will a complete review of medal awards, with the opportunity of representation from the British Military Veterans.

What is considered sad is that the Australian and New Zealand Military have the National Defence Medal under the authority of our Majesty the Queen whereas the British Military have been ignored. Many Military Veterans were able to obtain a lapel badge under the former Government. Believe it or not they wear them with pride. I noted one the other night at the RMA dinner, being worn by a 90 years old former sailor. He deserves better…

To be truthful, by the time that the National Defence Medal is issued I for one will be in that `Grand Parade Ground ` above.  I just hope my next of kin apply.  I am fighting a battle which I probably will never see won.

There is currently in force a Petition to honour these Military Veterans with a National Defence Medal

Sign up Now:

100,000 signatures are required for it to be discussed in Parliament.

Once you needed THEM now they need YOU.

Earle Ryan Former Royal Marine Commando RM133496

See more…


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