Beat news from PC Viv Phillips at Brecon

PC Viv Phillips, MOD Police Community Officer works closely with The Neighbourhood Management Team of Dyfed Powys Police and assisted with the Teen Extreme Week at Hay-On-Wye.This event was a multi agency Drugs and Alcohol awareness session and partners in attendance included MOD Police, Kaleidescope, PCC Youth information service and Hay-On-Wye youth club team and members. During the police session, children and young people engaged in discussion regarding the riots around the country and issues of criminality, peer pressures etc.

The Team continues to address issues surrounding illegal drug use and young people by providing high visibility patrols and stop checks. These patrols have assisted with the gathering of intelligence which will be closely monitored and actioned by officers.

Viv is currently running a joint drink/drive campaign with Dyfed Powys roads policing unit which hopefully will benefit service personnel, families and local residents in Brecon.

He will be delivering a drink/drive presentation to personnel at the RN outdoor activities centre at Talybont-on Usk.

Viv is also giving a joint team brief (utilising Welfare Officers) to families and reassurance brief with regards to Christmas festivities, safety and security over the Christmas period.


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