Beat Report from PC Andy Bowen at Marchwood

Welcome to the latest news from your Community Police Officer at Marchwood.

This month has been reasonably quiet in the neighborhood. There has been very little reported crime which is good news and there have been no reported incidents of anti-social behaviour; this will be partly due to the fact that the weather has started to close in.

A gentle reminder for those of you who live in Mulberry Road, Arakan Crescent, Furzdale Park, Spinney Gardens and Spinney Dale, the Road Traffic Act applies in full.  I have received a complaint about a number of people parking on the pavement along Mulberry Road.  This has caused pedestrians to use the road to bypass the parked cars. This is an offence and could result in a £30.00 Fixed Penalty Ticket being issued.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all cyclists that now that clocks have gone back and the evenings are darker, lights on your bicycles are essential and riding without lights can result in you receiving a fine.

Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users and it’s important for your own safety that motorists can see you. A set of cycle lights could help save you from injury – and cost much less than the £30 fine you could face for riding without them.


Back in October a Home Front presentation was delivered in the Community Centre for stakeholders. Home Front is a MOD Police Community Safety Partnership, which encourages community engagement in improving the quality of life for residents within service family areas on or near MOD establishment. The presentation was very well received and the Home Front team will be meeting in January; watch this space for more information!

Over the next few months in partnership with Hampshire County Council I will be visiting every SFA in Marchwood, Hythe and Calshot to talk to you about setting up “No Cold Calling Zones.”

In the meantime, I wish you all a Safe & Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Don’t forget the Christmas Crime Prevention advice on this web page….






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