Home Front in Action at Andover with PC Karen Rosier


There have been recent reports of speeding and associated concerns for child safety within the confines of the Officer’s married quarter patch

Please remember that it is 15mph for a reason

Andover Support Unit is currently in consultation with DIO to enhance the current traffic calming measures. It has also been arranged for the unit’s ‘Speed Indicator Device’ to be located on the patch on an ‘ad hoc’ basis.

Road Safety training is currently being carried out in both the on-site nurseries.

The Commanding Officer is aware and fully supportive of these initiatives.

Clean up after your dog….

Test Valley Borough Council IS a stakeholder in Home Front at Army HQ, Andover. The Defence Community Police Officer has regular liaison with the local dog war

The following is from the TVBC website:

What happens if I do not clear up after my dog?

If a person does not clear up after their dog an officer of the Local Authority may issue them, on the spot, a Fixed Penalty Ticket fine. The fine is currently £75.00 which must be paid within 14 days of issue. If paid within 7 days a reduced fine of £50.00 may be paid. Failure to pay a fixed penalty fine may lead to prosecution in the Magistrates Court for which the maximum fine is currently £1000.00.

A person not clearing up after their dog may also be prosecuted if the person witnessing the act is prepared to give a statement and act as a witness in court saying such. This means that everyone can help in reducing the irresponsible dog owners in our Borough. If you are prepared to act as a witness please contact the Dog Warden on 01264 368000.

What can I do if I am aware of someone who does not clear up after their dog?

If you are aware of any irresponsible dog owners in your area then please contact either the Dog Warden on 01264 368000 or Animal Welfare Officer on 01794 527700 with information on where and when the offence took place and a description of the person and dog. This information can be used to increase patrols in problem areas and help officers identify offenders. Any information passed to officers in this way will be treated confidentially.



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