Street Feet – Road Safety at Andover

Ahead of Defence Road Safety Week, 21st-25th November, PC Karen Rosier has been busy with the children of Humpty Dumpty Nursery in Andover this week.

streetfeet1Street Feet aims to develop the skills and awareness required for young children to cope with today’s traffic. It gives children the opportunity to practice crossing the road in a safe environment by using role-play.

By playing the part of different road users children acquire awareness of road use patterns and realise their responsibilities as a road user.

Karen talked to the children about:

Holding hands
Stop – At the kerb
Look – all around
Listen – Stressing that you can often hear vehicles before you see them
Think – about getting across the road safely
Using Safer Crossing Places
Weather conditions – the effects of rain, snow etc. on the road surface
The need to wear bright clothing – Fluorescent for day, Reflective at night

streetfeetThe children had a wonderful time and gained practical experience of what to think about when near or by roads. They also liked the police car, especially the blue lights!

The teachers said it was an important part of the children’s education and to be able to make it fun just added to the experience. It was noted that all the children were at differing standards of awareness, some were exceptionally aware of their responsibilities as a road user – so well done to the parents/carers!

In the near future, Karen will be taking Street Feet to Dandelions Nursery.


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