Inspirational individuals recognised for dedication

Two very inspirational individuals have been recognised for their tireless efforts within their community.

Councillor Paul Deach is the founder of the Surrey Residents network and is a very familiar face throughout the Deepcut community.

He moved to Deepcut in 2003 and is Chairman of the Dettingen Residents Committee. Paul was the founder of the Surrey Heath Ambulance Service Community First Responder Team, volunteers who respond to 999 emergencies ahead of an ambulance. As a first responder Paul attended hundreds of emergencies in his community that included resuscitations, heart attacks and strokes. He even delivered a baby.

His first encounter with MOD Police came a number of years ago, when in his own words, as a somewhat “scruffy individual” he was walking along the streets of Deepcut and was stop checked by PC Chris Flint, the local MOD Police Officer! Not at all phased by this, rather impressed, Paul went on to maintain a sound liaison with Chris and has welcomed every opportunity over the years to encourage integration of service families within the Deepcut community and support many events and initiatives.


PC Fiona Franklin presents Councillor Paul Deach with his award

Paul works tirelessly representing the community at a variety of forums and has been a valued and active member of the Home Front team since it was formed at Deepcut. He never turns down an opportunity to attend presentations, put himself in front of a camera or give up his time to help us out with his enviable IT skills.

Thanks to Paul taking the time to arrange for MOD Police Community Safety Manager, PC Fiona Franklin, to meet with the Chief Executive of Surrey Heath Borough Council, Home Front is now recognised at Borough level and is being included in the Safer Surrey Heath partnership; all to the benefit of our Armed Forces and their families.

Lisa Worth and her family live in the Service Married Quarters area of Deepcut. Her husband is a serving member of the armed forces.


PC Fiona Franklin presents Lisa Worth with her award

Since living in Deepcut, Lisa has volunteered as a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator; she represents the Service Families Area in Deepcut on various committees and panels including Home Front and has been a leading light in the Grove School Bus campaign. She appeared in this video which highlighted the difficulties faced by the military families of Deepcut which was picked up by the BBC who published this report on BBC South Today which she also appeared in.

Lisa now stands on a community committee that has been formed to try and resolve the transport to school issues that some of the families in Deepcut face.


One thought on “Inspirational individuals recognised for dedication

  1. Thanks Fiona. There is a lot of great work going on in the community that involves a lot more people than just Lisa & I but I am honoured to have been recognised. It is great working with Chris, Dave and you who do incredible work in our community so thank you.

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