Road Safety Measures – RAF Benson

The recent addition of the Oxfordshire Council road safety campaign signs at RAF Benson and surrounding area was implemented by the Defence Community Police Officer (DCPO), PC Glenn Richardson and Military Transport Road Safety representative, Cpl Jake Salter.


PC Glenn Richardson and Cpl Jake Salter

The local Council had a large number of surplus signs, which were kindly passed onto RAF Benson via a newly established contact, in Oxfordshire Council’s Community Safety Team.

Various locations around the station were selectively chosen for sighting, including accident black spots, narrow roads and a number of blind bends and junctions on the families married quarters. PC Glenn Richardson had authority to include the local community ‘outside of the wire’ and a number of signs were installed on the roads surrounding the station, including Clay Laneand Beggarbush Hill.

Benson1The slogans on the signs are obviously designed to make drivers take notice. Pertinent wording such as ‘Please respect our community by driving carefully’, ‘Its 20 mph for a reason’ and ‘Thank you for not speeding’ put the messages across in a plain and simple way that promotes safe driving in an individual’s community. The word ‘community’ is important as it plays on the individual’s conscience that he/she would be directly affecting the safety of their own environment.

The signs are highly visible and positive feedback from a number of sources has already been reported via word of mouth and social networking sites. The Station Commander has commended the implementation of the signs through a chance meeting whilst we were installing a sign near the Officers married quarters. Overall, approximately 25 safety signs have been installed and it envisaged that the signs will be rotated around to keep the campaign fresh.



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