MOD Police Notice

From PC Dave Broadhead at Deepcut & Pirbright…MOD Police Crest

The equipment shown below is a Dreambox 500s Digital Receiver. It is possible to adapt this to receive Sky channels free of charge.


It is an offence is under SECTION 125 COMMUNICATIONS ACT 2003 to receive Sky Channels without a legal subscription being paid.

A number of people throughout the community have recently been caught out by using this equipment. They have purchased it for approximately £160 and have received Sky without paying a subscription. In some instances the equipment has become faulty and up to £100 has been paid for repair.

Other persons have purchased the equipment for a lower sum but have paid a £90 subscription to an illegal company.

Is this being circulated in your community?

If you have any information regarding this equipment please contact either your local MOD or Home Office Police.

Always use a reputable company for purchases such as these digital receivers. Remember, if an offer appears too good to be true – it usually is!


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