Home Front Update from Marchwood – PC Andy Bowen

In the short time since the Home Front presentation at Marchwood was delivered, information flow and communications have already improved.

I have planning underway with the Defence Fire & Rescue Service to carry out joint events during road safety week; 21-25 November.

The pre-school manager has been proactive in making parents aware of Home Front and circulating information leaflets.

This week, I had a very interesting meeting with Hampshire County Council Trading Standards Officers, who are very keen to work with MOD Police and their Armed Forces communities throughout Hampshire.

An initiative, which has been very successfully implemented throughout many parts of Hampshire, is No Cold Calling Zones.


No Cold Calling Zones (NCCZ) are an initiative to help combat the problem of doorstep crime. Supported by Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Constabulary and partners, NCCZ aim to make residents feel safer in their own homes.

NCCZ do not ban cold callers or create exclusion zones, however they can be effective in deterring unscrupulous cold callers from approaching people living in the zones and giving those residents the confidence to say “No”.

NCCZ can either be set up from local intelligence or a request, but both require the successful completion of a consultation process. This can then lead to the provision of door stickers and signage, for the purpose of labeling the zone and empowering the residents.

It works!

The Home Front team at Arborfield set up a NCCZ at the request of Garrison residents back in 2007. Here’s what they told us:

90% of residents feel safer as a result of the No Cold Calling Zone

86% of the residents felt that the signs had deterred cold callers

  • “Great initiative – very proactive”
  • “How much more can Police and Trading Standards do – we need the Government to introduce legislation against cold calling”
  • “Makes a difference to mothers with young children”
  • “Thanks to MOD Police – we see them here a lot – much appreciated”
  • “We see a lot of Police patrols – it makes us feel safer”
  • “Make cold calling illegal – like the scheme – it’s working”
  • “We have a real sense of community here – this initiative has helped”

The NCCZ continues to be in place successfully at Arborfield Garrison.

I am confident that my communities in and around Marchwood will welcome this initiative and look forward to making progress.


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