MOD Police Visit the Home Start Group – Pirbright

Ministry of Defence Community Police Officer’s; PC’s Chris Flint and Dave Broadhead, recently visited the mums and tots Home Start Group at The Jubilee Centre, Pirbright.

The officers took along vision impairment goggles; these simulate the effects, which can be caused by alcohol or drugs.

Vision Impairment GogglesThe mums were keen to take part in activities wearing the goggles, including walking along a straight line and attempting to change a nappy; they quickly realized how difficult this could be.

Many of the wives who attend this Home Start Group are Foreign and Commonwealth Nationals; Fijians, Kenyan’s and other African Nations, who do not always interact freely with their police forces, so it was very refreshing to be able to speak to them on a one to one basis. The children loved meeting the police officers and as well as showing off their toys, they got to sit in the police car and play with the lights and siren.

What was even more refreshing was the fact that Chris and Dave were treated to some delicious banana cake and lemon cake, which had been home baked by the ladies………needless to say, they hope these ladies will invite them back in the future!


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