Home Front at Marchwood

This week, PC Andy Bowen, the Defence Community Police Officer (DCPO) for Marchwood brought together representatives from a variety of agencies and with Community Safety Manager, PC Fiona Franklin, presented the Home Front concept.

There were representatives from Army Welfare Service, Army, Hampshire Police, local Parish Council, local District Council, Solent Station, HIVE, Handy Trust and pre-school.

Andy is already actively involved with these agencies in his community at Marchwood and sees Home Front as a way forward in developing communications amongst the community and agencies alike.

The presentation was very well received and we learned that the Armed Forces Community Covenant is already being discussed at Marchwood.

Constructive discussions took place in relation to service families’ accommodation (SFA), which is remote from the main SFA estate at Marchwood and how to develop better communications with these residents.

Overall, stakeholders were very enthusiastic and pleased to learn that Home Front would of course be inclusive of the civilian residents within the curtilage of the Marchwood SFA estate.

The team agreed to meet in January and in the meantime, Andy and Fiona will get a distribution list together and circulate relevant information to get communications going.


Progress over tea 'n' biccies! PC Andy Bowen & Defence Fire & Rescue Service Officer Russ Symes

Ironically, following the presentation, Russ Symes, a Defence Fire & Rescue Service Officer, visited Andy’s office. Immediately, the two began discussing joint working initiatives, so needless to say, Fiona’s question was, “Where was Russ when the presentation was going on”? Without further ado, Fiona briefed Russ on Home Front; he then disclosed his e-mail address, so……recruited…..another Home Front partner!


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