Grove School Bus – Deepcut SFA Residents meeting

Grove SchoolYesterday evening I attended the Deepcut Garrison SFA residents meeting. As the local borough councillor for Deepcut, I was asked to update residents on the current situation with transport to school provision. I thought I would post something here so that if new families arrive in Deepcut, they are aware of the situation.

As most people will now be aware, Surrey County Council have axed the school bus from Deepcut to the Grove Primary School. There is some background to this here.

Despite a huge fight by local SFA residents Lisa Worth & Dave Stewart we were unsuccessful in getting Surrey County Council to reverse their decision.

Undeterred, the SFA community along with some help from community spirited local civilians and the head & PTA of the Grove School have formed a community committee with the aim of resolving the school transport provision issues from Deepcut to the Grove. The goal is to reach out to a number of funding opportunities such as grants, local business sponsorship, community funds and contributions from the users in order to make a school bus viable.

Surrey Heath Borough Council have been incredibly supportive by attending meetings on a weekly basis and offering advice.

We are all incredibly frustrated at having to see young children and parents having to walk the long distance to the Grove School from Deepcut every day. Unfortunately these issues do take time to resolve and you have my assurance that the committee is working incredibly hard to try and resolve this issue as soon as possible. I remain confident that we can bring this matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

If anyone would like to contact me to discuss this matter or any other community related issue I am here to offer support. Please do email me at .

Cllr Paul Deach


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