iPod returned to owner

IpodFollowing  responses as a result of appeals posters in local shops,  on twitter and www.homefront4u.co.uk . See this home front story.

Facebook  provided details of a person who was  last known to be in possession of the iPod reported as taken in a street robbery when the victim,  a 10 year old boy with learning difficulties was assaulted by older boys, subsequently  finding his iPod missing his parents reported the incident to Police.

This morning a 16 year old boy ( not involved in the reported robbery) was spoken to in the presence of both parents,  having apparently found the iPod   in bushes close to where the robbery had occurred.

Unfortunately the finder had made no attempt to locate the  rightful owner and had in fact taken ownership and attempted to sell the iPod to another.

I am pleased to say that the iPod was still in the possession of the finder when he was visited this morning  and when his options were explained and his wrongdoing pointed out, was apologetic.

The iPod is now back with its rightful owner.


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