How Home Front has helped galvanise civilian community to help service familes

Home Front Presentation - Aldershot

MODPC Fiona Franklin at Home Front presentation at St Omer Barracks, Aldershot

This morning I was asked to attend St Omer Barracks in Deepcut where the MOD Police were giving a presentation to Aldershot Garrison Commanders and other community stakeholders with the view to adopting Home Front in Aldershot.

Overall I thought the principles of Home front went down very well and it is very clear that the welfare of Service Families is very high on everyone’s agenda.

One question to come from the floor was how does home front help facilitate wider civilian community involvement.

A great working example of this would be the cancellation of the Grove School Bus. Not only does this affect military families but also civilian families. Home Front established a working conduit between the Service Families and the civilian community via an already strong and well established residents network. This galvanised the whole community into action with the end result being the video below that was then republished via BBC South Today, BBC Radio Surrey, Eagle Radio and cascaded out via print media also.

I would just like to add that there is a lot of enthusiasm with all the key stake holders with existing and successful Home Front projects. This is a wonderful opportunity to ride the wave of momentum to secure the very best for our SFA’s. Only community led initiatives such as (but not limited too) this can survive the transient nature of military life and defence cuts to ensure a strong and long lasting community legacy.


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